To Our Community,

Clarksville Commons openly supports ALL members of Our Diverse Community. Our belief is that passionate and committed people, from all walks of life, can work together to develop inspirational ideas and create new opportunities for growth and environmental sustainability. We have always welcomed and embraced the diversity that exists in Howard County and that will never change.

Threats, harassment, verbal/physical assaults of the business owners, patrons, and guests of the Commons will not be tolerated. If this behavior is experienced, it will be reported to local police.

If inappropriate behavior is witnessed, Clarksville Commons reserves the right to ban all individuals from future visits and the incident will be reported to the police immediately.

The safety of everyone at Clarksville Commons is our top priority. We hope that all of our guests do their part to protect the welfare of everyone at the Commons. If you see something troubling, say something to a local business owner or manager on site.

Our hope has always been to provide a welcoming, safe space for our entire community to gather. Together we can ensure that everyone feels welcome at Clarksville Commons.

Thank you,
Clarksville Commons Partners